In this year’s World Menstruation day, Make That Happen Foundation embarked in a community sensitization and donation of sanitary hygiene kits to more than fifty households at Newton/4Mile community. As a non governmental organization targeting the less privileged, especially girls and children, the forum was used to raised awareness on the important of using sanitary pads.

This has caused more harm than good for school girls in this part of the country as the process sometimes make them missed classes and this do disturbed their academic activities. The foundation also tried to stretched it hands by catering for the aged with sugar and milk as a gesture as these items are dearly needed during the month of Ramadan (fasting) in this part of the world. Women’s issues are human issues.


15 of January 2018 donation, First Donation

On the 15 of January 2018, Make That Happen visited four Primary Schools in the Eastern part of Sierra Leone. Which were: Christ Liberation Pre-primary School, Faith in Christ Primary School, Madrassa Sulaimania Primary School, Raheem Islamic Primary School.

Our purpose of the visit, was to empower and motivate the children to focus, believe in themselves and have potential within. We did that by given them inspirational talks and small tokens to encourage them and show our interest in their education.

The tokens were: books, pens, pencils, ruler, sharpener and snacks. We also gave pens to the teachers, to say thank you for their hard work and dedications. We plan on doing it again but bigger this time.

24 of December 2018, Donation

On the 24 of December 2018, Make That Happen Foundation donated few items at Heaven Home Orphanage. It was not much but we thank God for providing for us to be able to do such. I also want to thank my team in Sierra Leone for working very hard with me to turn my dream into reality.

We pray for long life and many provision. Looking forward to many more donations this year, In Shaa Allah.

From CEO of Make That Happen Foundation, Ayesha.

April 2019 donation

On the 25 April 2019, Make that Happen foundation donated 10 bags of rice to 5 Orphanages in Sierra Leone. We just want to thank God for making it possible again for us and we pray that God will continue making it possible and allow us to do more than this, by God’s grace. Will also like to thank the team for their effort, time, love and passion towards this foundation.

The 5 Orphanages

  • Alisco orphanage
  • Heaven home
  • Dream home
  • All as one
  • Ihsan

May 2019 donation

On the 26 May 2019, Make that Happen foundation donated Sanitary hygiene kits to more than fifty households and also donated sugar and milk to the older people for the Ramadan at 4 Mile, Sierra Leone.

It was a successful day, thanks to God and the people at 4 Mile really appreciate the kind gesture from the foundation. We hope to do alot more, by God’s grace. A very big thank you to the team in Sierra Leone for their effort and contributions towards the foundation.

June 2019 donation

We decided to spice up our June donation. Make that Happen Foundation donated food items on the 22nd June 2019 at the Milton Margai School for the Blind. We thank God for a successful donation and a day and we pray for long life to do a lot more.

Make that Happen Family, I appreciate you all for your hard work, including the ones that are not on the photos. Love you all and may God continue to give you all strength, courage and patience to support this foundation.

A very special thanks to my mum for supporting this month donation, I appreciate it a lot and I pray God will continue to provide for you, by God’s Grace. The smiles and facial expressions on their faces is priceless. They were very excited to meet us and we were too.